Here is a list of ways you can get involved with Evoke Recovery Network:-

• Volunteering: You can volunteer with us (subject to appropriate DBS checking). We will provide any training necessary and cover your expenses.

• Working with the Evoke Network:
a) Can we contract you in for freelance work relating events and presentation? (Subject to appropriate training, DBS checks and relevant experience)
b) Do you want to join the Evoke Network? Membership is available to Evoke trained personnel

• Partnerships: Primarily for project funding purposes (from large scale tenders to the formation of unincorporated constitutions) but always looking to retain interest in and sustainability of such projects

• Community Engagement: Could you help carry out survey work for us in the community?

• Awards: As one of our volunteers why not apply to be a champion of Evoke Recovery Network?

• For all of the above opportunities please Contact Us