Below are the answers to the questions we get asked most often - if however you cannot find what you need to know please Contact Us and one of our friendly team will answer you as soon as possible!

What is Recovery?

• Recovery means different thing to different people...

• In a nutshell it is a real and sustainable movement forward in your mental, physical or emotional wellbeing

• We can promote recovery in many different ways eg. by bringing people together to identify and validate common problems, sharing and learning from each other, we can help and support each other through difficult times

• As we assume each person is the expert on themselves your recovery will change as you change along your journey to wellbeing

• Recovery steps can be big or small, happen all together or in intermittent bursts, recovery keeps us moving!

• Your recovery journey is yours and your alone - you are in the driving seat and no one can take it away from you!

• At Evoke Recovery Network we aim to give you hope and provide opportunities to help you towards your recovery...

What is WRAP©?

• WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a structured but flexible framework to develop an effective personal plan to help attain and maintain wellbeing by overcoming distressing physical or psychological symptoms or unhelpful behavioural patterns

• Underpinning all levels of WRAP provision are that people are seen as unique individuals and support their empowerment, independence, recovery and maintenance of their wellbeing. To achieve this there are strict guidelines that we follow when doing any work involving WRAP laid down by its developer Mary Ellen Copeland at the Copeland Centre in Vermont State, USA

• WRAP works within 5 Concepts and 15 Values and Ethics and has been proven as affective in the long term maintenance of good health - this longevity distinguishes it from many other techniques

• Everything to do with WRAP is in a safe learning and sharing environment
All our WRAP facilitators are professional, personable and often draw from their own experience of difficulties - they are all fully accredited with the Copeland Centre


• Evoke Recovery Network do not charge VAT on any of our services or products

• We can offer competitive prices On Request...

• Some of our activities attract discretionary place/prices subject to availability - please enquire when Booking...

• For all other price enquiries please Contact Us...

The Booking Process

• You can book an activity by:-
Visiting the Make a Booking page on our website,,
Making an enquiry using our Contact Us form,
Mailing us at or
Calling us on 0800 772 0845

• Submitting your request via the website places you under no obligation whatsoever - your request is solely to (be contacted by our team to) discuss your chosen activities further

• Once we have (called/emailed you back and) discussed:-
1) your requirements,
2) the price of the service (where not indicated),
3) any prerequisites to attending and
4) any questions you may have
then your place(s) will be reserved subject to confirmation of the booking

• Confirmation of booking is verbal in the first (and most) instances but for training services and certain other activities we will also require written/email confirmation

• We allocate places on a 'first come, first served' basis from the point at which your confirmation of booking is received by us - we will then let you know your booking has been successfully confirmed and your place(s) are allocated (via email only)

• For training services and certain other activities an invoice for a deposit will be sent to you when we receive your confirmation of booking. This will be followed by a balance of payment invoice several weeks before the indicated start date of the activity. If your booking confirmation is received close to the start date of the (first) session (in a program) then we will send just one full payment invoice

• For weekly group activities payment is to be made in full sometimes on, but mostly several days prior to, the start date of the (first) session (in a program)

• Full details of Deposits, Payments, Cancellations and Refunds etc. can be found on the Make a Booking page on this website and on your invoice

• We will always notify attendees immediately in the event of any unexpected delays or changes

• Where applicable we will contact attendees well in advance of the first) session (in a program) if preparatory work has to be completed

• If you wish to host an activity then soon after accepting the booking we will set up an 'on-site' contact to overcome any problems on the day and negotiate things like parking, what equipment we/you will provide in the training room(s) and the provision of refreshments