****** THIS UPDATE ****************************************************************************************************
Upload Date: 2017-01-07
1) Added ABC, Expression Sessions and Why Weight? Maintenance Group to SIGs in services
2) Removed Healthy Weight Groups and Program Related Support Groups from our product line in services
3) Evoke Wellbeing Support Groups now renamed to the generic Peer Support Groups in services
4) Moved (carer specific) Time for You from Health & Wellbeing Initiatives to (multi purpose) Time for You in Support Groups in services
5) Added Why Weight Maintenance Group to Support Groups in services
6) Added first quarter calendar to bookings page (note that April overlaps with 2nd quarter)
7) Started to use image snips from OVERVIEW OF ERN COURSES.PPTX in the SVPU pop-ups for the participant (non-training) targetted groups/courses - NEEDS COMPLETING
8) Jan 2017 flash header added to home page for new calendar
9) Aligned group/course details with new leaflet - more work required on spec sheets html's
10) Move Facilitator Training section down/away(?) from other services to capture participants separately in services

****** ADDITIONAL CHANGES TO MAIN UPDATE ****************************************************************************************************