****** THIS UPDATE ****************************************************************************************************
Upload Date: 2018-01-01
1) Reduced size of logo etc. in why weight spec sheet HTML file so it prints on one page
2) Corrected the Why Weight PHP popup banner text (was same as expression session)
3) Combined Weekly Event and Training Event Activity Lists in booking and the HTML-Flyer-All-Activities
4) Update monthly activity spreadsheets for whole of 2018 and copy lines over to booking page lists for Jan to Apr 2018 (Update again in March to stay min 1 month ahead)
5) Change 'Why Weight?' to 'Mood, Food and You...' but left the 'Why Weight? Maintenance Group' the same for now
6) Added new venue pop-ups to support the new groups
Amendments to last upload dated: 2018-01-01
2018-01-15 : Corrected colour of wrap remote and wrap workshop booking entries
2018-01-15 : Changed default place count value to value="1" to improve usability of booking form
2018-01-15 : Added asterisks to name and email fields in booking and contact pages to imply they are mandatory

****** ADDITIONAL CHANGES TO MAIN UPDATE ****************************************************************************************************