Evoke are all about:-

• Creating awareness of ways to improve personal outlook

• Providing access to (and training in) recovery techniques

• Helping people to stay well & develop in the long term

Our articles of association state:-

The Company's Objects are to cary out activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation):-

a) to support, offer training, raise awareness and increase access for people who wnat to take personal responsibility for the recovery and maintenance of good mental, physical and emotional wellbeing

b) to promote and improve for the public benefit the economic and social wellbeing of people living and working in areas where the company operates

c) to vend products in order to generate income for the company

d) to train and use subcontractors, volunteers and professional persons as necessary to assist with or carry out the Company's objective

• Evoke Recovery Network is a not for profit limited by guarantee company run as a social enterprise

• We qualify as VCS organisation and are happy to collaborate with organisations to secure funding to run programs
• For all our services involving Weelness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) we fully acknowledge the work of the Copeland Centre in Vermont USA and adhere to its policies and stipulations

• All WRAP materials are copyrighted